We are proud to bring you our latest brand name Dora Keiki, a new line of Japanese-style cakes and pastries that is brought forth by our well received Dorayakis.

Following the popular demand for our Dorayaki pancakes and Hokkaido cakes, we continue to bring our innovation in artisan baking to new heights. Dora Keiki is an identity to reaffirm our commitment to our customers in continually bringing Japanese-inspired products that extend the exquisite Japanese look, feel and palate beyond what we are already offering.

The concept of Dora Keiki is born to the success of our signature Dorayakis. Dora Keiki currently offers not only Dorayakis of assorted fillings but also an array of mouth-watering Japanese cakes and sweets handcrafted and some themed after some of Japan’s iconic landmarks. Amongst those are our best-selling Hokkaido cupcakes, plump Golden Cakes, delicious mochi, Mount Fuji cakes, fluffy steamed cakes, spongy dome-shaped Dragon Eggs & more!

We know how obsessed the Japanese are with pretty packaging and so are we! We have cute boxes and pretty paper bags designed especially for the Dora Keiki range of pastries so they are convenient and presentable as gifts for various occasions!